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Black Venom¬ģ

36,00 120,00 

Genética: (Black Hell x Mimosa) x Slurricane.

Aroma/sabor: Frutas exóticas.

Producción: Media Alta.

Floración: Interior 65 días aprox. Exterior a mediados de Octubre.


Black Venom is a variety that is out of the ordinary, as it contains complex and varied genetics that allow it to offer some truly amazing unique qualities, such as its delicious flavor or a type of effect that is not found every day, but you will not I advance more, if you want to know more thoroughly I invite you to read the following paragraphs in detail.

Origin of Black Venom genetics:

The mother of this plant was chosen from among hundreds of specimens of a cross between Black Hell and Mimosa, a meticulous selection of individuals that we made with the intention of finding extraordinary flavors. The other parent used for the creation of Black Venom was an elite clone of the powerful Slurricane, which we also used to create Black Sagan and other projects. Genetically it is a polyhybrid with a lot of indica influence.

Growing Black Venom:

These plants show a very interesting structure for indoor cultivation, since they naturally develop large branches, and many secondary branches reach a good height, so they receive plenty of light and can generate thick buds. In 1 square meter indoors, you can put 9 plants in 11-liter pots, and give about 4 weeks of vegetative growth so that later the entire illuminated space is filled with large and resinous buds.

For outdoor cultivation, it is not necessary to germinate the seeds too soon, since the Black Venom have a very powerful vigor, which gives them a devilish growth speed and great resistance to different stress situations. If you want it to maintain a contained size, it is a good idea to place some structure to give it shape, which can also come in handy later as a support for the branches. It is advisable to use preventatives during cultivation, insecticides and especially fungicides, since these plants produce very tight buds that can be vulnerable to fungal attack due to the little internal aeration they receive once they begin to be formed.

VERY IMPORTANT! Cultivation data is only for those people or countries where its medicinal or recreational use is possible. In other countries it will only be used for collecting and conservation. We are not responsible for the misuse of our seeds.

Appearance of Black Venom buds:

The buds of Black Venom take on beautiful colors as flowering progresses, ranging from light bluish to different shades of purple that the leaves also show off. Their density is very high thanks to the low proportion of leaves they contain, something that gives them a rocky and shiny appearance like the most precious of pearls. Their shine is due to the thick layer of resin that covers them, a sea of trichomes that will delight lovers of cannabis extractions.

Black Venom Aroma and Flavor:

If we had to choose among all the virtues of this variety, we would undoubtedly choose its organoleptic properties, an unforgettable experience for both smell and taste. Its aroma is very pungent, one of those that you bring your nose closer to the bud because you can’t quite believe what you just smelled, with thousands of varied nuances reminiscent of a sweet fruit salad. The flavor combines a very soft creamy sweet with exotic fruits, all on a very marked earthy base, a unique fusion that provides a truly delicious bouquet.

Effect of Black Venom marijuana:

Get ready to feel all the effects of cannabis at once, because this cannabis, true to its name, is like a dark poison that affects body and mind in equal measure. It is a very special effect, because it keeps you focused with great mental clarity and a constant flow of ideas, but as if you were levitating, since there comes a time when you even stop feeling your body. At the medicinal level it is very effective as an analgesic, sedative, antidepressant, and to whet the appetite.

Genetics: (Black Hell x Mimosa) x Slurricane.

Aroma/taste: Exotic fruits.

Production: Medium High.

Flowering: Indoors from 65 to 70 days, Outdoors in mid-October.

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2 valoraciones en Black Venom¬ģ

  1. 5 de 5


    Tremendo saborazo a golosinas exoticas, la recomiendo!!!

  2. 5 de 5


    19grams not a big harvest early then i wanted but through bugs didnt want to ruin my harvest that being said the buds smell of bubblegum fruity sweet smell is pretty good description buds are nice and dense nice day mellow smoke can get my day to day routine done with out slouching the taste is grapey tropical taste

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