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Bloodfire Lebanon¬ģ

36,00 120,00 

Genética: Lebanon x Tropicanna.

Aroma/sabor: Afrutado terroso.

Producción: Media Alta.

Floración: Interior de 60 a 65 días, Ext. a mediados de Octubre.


Bloodfire Lebanon is the meeting point between the classic and the modern, a magnificent fusion that will satisfy both those nostalgic for the varieties of a lifetime, as well as lovers of modern genetics. This strain brings together a series of qualities that you have to know, so I invite you to read the following description carefully.

Origin of the Bloodfire Lebanon genetics:
The history of this plant is very curious, since it descends from an unexpected cross, and at first it was only going to be offered in a limited edition, but seeing the results and especially listening to what he told us all the people who tried them, we decided to leave it in our catalog forever. It is a cross between our Lebanese muse and a beautiful Tropicana Cookies, its genotype is balanced but with a slight indica predominance.

Bloodfire Lebanon cultivation:
This variety naturally develops a highly branched structure, for this reason it performs very well when production improvement techniques such as SCROG are applied in indoor cultivation. Thanks to the remarkable hybrid vigor shown by Bloodfire Lebanon, you will be able to fill all the illuminated holes in the crop with spectacular buds with different purple tones. If you are going to apply this method, it is advisable to do apical or FIM pruning at the fourth or fifth node, and from that moment on, carry out weekly pruning of the secondary branches throughout the vegetative growth phase. However, these plants also perform well if they are left to grow naturally, as they are very versatile and adaptable to all kinds of growing systems.

VERY IMPORTANT! Cultivation data is only for those people or countries where its medicinal or recreational use is possible. In other countries it will only be used for collecting and conservation. We are not responsible for the misuse of our seeds.

Appearance of the Bloodfire Lebanon buds:
The buds of this plant have a reddish purple color that, as its name indicates, give it a bloody appearance. If you like colorful flowers, you will enjoy growing this variety a lot. They are not as big buds as those of other genetics, but they are very dense and tight, the kind that lose little weight during the drying phase. If you look at the photos, you may wonder how it is possible to form so much resin, and the answer is simple, it is the result of crossing genetics that have been selected for many generations to produce hashish, with a modern polyhybrid like Tropicana Cookies, famous for its colors, power, and its thick layer of resin

Aroma and flavor of Bloodfire Lebanon:
The fragrance that these flowers give off remains etched in your memory, it is like touching a bud and feeling the impact of an explosion of terpenes and flavonoids in your nostrils. It is a balanced mix between earthy and fruity that shape a flavor reminiscent of some cocktails or fruity desserts. Bloodfire Lebanon produces a very smooth smoke, which does not scratch anything when inhaled when grown with organic fertilizers and proper root flushing.

Bloodfire Lebanon effect:
The effect can be considered medicinal in several aspects, on the one hand, it relaxes muscles, limbs and joints to the point of relieving tension and certain types of pain, and on the other hand it helps to fall asleep and make it sound. higher quality. At the brain level it produces a high psychoactivity, but without creating panic or paranoia, just a good mental stimulation that improves experiences such as listening to music, talking with friends, or enjoying a good movie.

Genetics: Lebanon#3 x Tropicanna.
Aroma/taste: Earthy fruity.
Production: Medium High.
Flowering: Indoors from 60 to 65 days, Outdoors in mid-October.

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3 valoraciones en Bloodfire Lebanon¬ģ

  1. 5 de 5


    resina que da gusto y un sabor maravilloso. con un poco de frio se exibe con unos colores rojizos muy guapos

  2. 5 de 5


    is a variety presented for the first time in a limited edition. Nemeseeds definitively has incorporated this variety to its feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. Certainly, after the acclaimed success by so many consumers thanks to the exceptional results offered by this wonderful plant.

    Nemesseds Bloodfire Lebanon Cannabis Strain: Vigorous, productive and fast
    Lebanon is a genetic used by Nemesseds in many of its crosses. It is originally from Lebanon, it is robust, easy to cultivate, efficient and delivers a very interesting resin production. The seedbank breeders crossed Lebanon with Tropicanna, one of the most delicious genetics of the moment.

    This hybrid develops vigorously and produces numerous secondary branches. A plant that adapts very well to SCROG cultivation and responds perfectly to its management. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

    Lebanon significantly reduces Tropicanna’s growing period, with the harvest ready in just about 60-65 days of flowering after the photoperiod change. In outdoor cultivation, harvest is ready in mid-October. It provides a medium-high yield depending on the growing conditions and phenotypes encountered.

    Bloddfire Lebanon, strong terpenes concentration
    Its terpenes concentration is remarkable, producing strong aromas during cultivation, curing and consumption. It offers intense flavours that blend earthy tones with exotic fruit notes. Aromas and flavours that deliver an unforgettable experience.

    Bloodfire Lebanon produces a relaxing effect inherited from Lebanon, with a pleasant relaxation that keeps the good mood with a mad touch provided by Tropicanna exoticism, with a cerebral and stimulating boost ideal for enjoying a great time with friends.

  3. 5 de 5


    Super variety more I had the chance to come across a phenotype color a very earthy smell then well an exotic fruit smell the structure of the plant is beautiful the secondary branches are very provided very dense head and dripping resin I recommend to all those who want to garden a nugget a big thank you to the work of the breeders which is excellent I will come back to you from here about fifteen days for a small first smoktest and jarring for ripening

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