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Genética: Cherry Pie x Slurricane.

Aroma/sabor: Afrutado.

Producción: Media alta.

Floración: Interior 65 días aprox. Exterior a mediados de Octubre.


Bumblebee will surprise even the most experienced growers and consumers, because its effect is superior and the organoleptic properties it contains can be considered unique, a jewel created from two of today’s most demanded genetics that you have to cultivate to be able to say that you have tasted premium cannabis.

Origin of Bumblebee genetics:
The parents that make up this variety are widely known by all, such as the delicious Cherry Pie and the extremely powerful Slurricane. Thanks to the hybridization achieved, all the progeny mix the terpene profiles of both parents, resulting in a unique and truly complex flavor. Its genotype is very balanced, approximately 50% indica and 50% sativa.

Bumblebee cultivation:
To speed up the germination process of these seeds, it is recommended to previously hydrate them in a glass of water with a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide for a period between 12 and 24 hours. After this time, it is best to put them between wet napkins until they take out the roots, and at that time, transfer them to the pot. Sometimes it is also advisable to help them by breaking the shell since they are a bit hard. Another recommendation for the beginning of the crop would be to add trichoderma and/or mycorrhizae to the substrate and the first irrigations to speed up the development during the first stages of growth.

In outdoor crops you have to try to find a place that has the maximum incidence of sun possible, since the more light the greater the final yield. It is a good idea to place stakes or some structure that serves as a guide for the branches, something that comes in handy to shape the Bumblebee and during flowering can serve as support for the buds. We must try by all means that the buds do not get wet from the moment they begin to form, since fungi such as botrytis could appear.

VERY IMPORTANT! Cultivation data is only for those people or countries where its medicinal or recreational use is possible. In other countries it will only be used for collecting and conservation. We are not responsible for the misuse of our seeds.

Appearance of Bumblebee buds:
If you like buds with bright colors and full of resin, you are in luck, because Bumblebee is synonymous with frosty flowers, extra-large calyxes, few leaves to manicure, and tremendously compact. All the specimens keep a great uniformity for these traits, but you can always find some special phenotype with unique colors, an extra number of trichomes, and slight organoleptic variations.

Bumblebee aroma and flavor:
Get ready to enjoy a unique sensory experience, because I assure you that no matter how much marijuana you have tried throughout your life, none will have the aroma and flavor of these plants. Its smell is reminiscent of a fruit salad where grapes, cherries, and red fruits such as berries stand out. The passage through the mouth of its smoke is very pleasant, when inhaling thousands of fruity nuances are discovered, and when exhaling a sweet aftertaste remains in the mouth with the typical earthy background that the heirs of the Kush family usually present.

Bumblebee effect:
The chemotype of this strain stands out for its high THC values, which in many cases exceeds 25%, so it may be too potent for people with a low tolerance. The effect can be considered full spectrum, affecting body and mind in equal parts, providing a feeling of relaxation, well-being, and happiness that can last for hours. From a therapeutic point of view, it can be a very appropriate cannabis to calm nerves, reduce tension, lift your spirits, relieve pain, or whet your appetite, among other things.

Genetics: Cherry Pie x Slurricane.
Aroma/taste: Fruity.
Production: Medium high.
Flowering: Indoors 65 days approx. Outside in mid-October.
. Seedfinder¬ģ Family Tree

2 valoraciones en Bumblebee¬ģ

  1. 5 de 5


    They were hard to germinate and grow at the beginning but once it bloomed we couldn’t stop looking at it. What a beautiful thing about plant

  2. 5 de 5

    santiago saez

    Una de mis plantas favoritas de todas las que probado…guardo una madre c√≥mo oro empa√Ī√≥ , su floraci√≥n es un espect√°culo, olor afrutado intenso cogollos duros como piedras .

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