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Genética: Lebanon#3 x Gelato.

Aroma/sabor: Chocolate terroso.

Producción: Media Alta.

Floración: Interior 65 días aprox. Ext. a mediados de Octubre.


Chocolatto is a conqueror of palates, because its flavor and the sensations that its powerful effect transmits captivate even the most demanding cannabis users. This variety is the fruit of several years’ work, and if you read what follows you will understand why it is so special.

Origin of Chocolatto genetics:

It all started when we got our hands on some seeds that we bought from Gelato from a little-known bank in the USA that had been recommended to us from here. We selected several parents. Among them, we liked a female so much that we decided to cross it with different strains to check its genetic stability, but its uniformity did not quite convince us. To gain stability we selected another great phenotype showing the Gelato character but in a plant showing morphological indica traits which we backcrossed with the Gelato clone of the female we liked.

We liked the result very much, since it represented very well the qualities that define this tasty American plant, so we decided to cross it with our appreciated Lebanon#3, a plant that we use in different varieties due to the quality and originality that its genetics bring to our the descendants. This cross looks like an Indica, expresses the typical colors of the Lebanese, has an outstanding hybrid vigour, and retains part of the distinctive aroma and flavor of its parents, although from our point of view it is even improved by the combination of the earthy part of Lebanon#3.

Chocolatto cultivation:
Its cultivation does not present too many difficulties, so they can be suitable seeds for all levels of cultivation, since their great vigor allows them to overcome stress situations without slowing down their development. In indoor cultivation, it is enough to put 9 plants/m2 in 11-liter pots, with about 4 weeks of vegetative growth, to fill the entire illuminated area with a green canopy that will later become a sea of colorful buds.

For outdoor cultivation, it is more advisable to perform several prunings during growth, one apical or FIM at the main tip, and later some others on the secondary branches. In this way, the production is better distributed and you can give the plants a certain shape, something very useful to better camouflage them and make them more manageable.

VERY IMPORTANT! Cultivation data is only for those people or countries where its medicinal or recreational use is possible. In other countries it will only be used for collecting and conservation. We are not responsible for the misuse of our seeds.

Appearance of the Chocolatto buds:
One of the hallmarks of NemeSeeds is that most of our varieties show buds with dark shades of color that give them an impressive presence, and Chocolatto could not be less. In this case, a curious contrast is achieved between the dark and opaque background of the calyxes and leaves, with the brilliant white color of the thick layer of trichomes that covers them, which are also large and very sticky. Its medium-voluminous buds contain a very low proportion of leaves, so they end up with a maximum degree of density, and hard as graphene.

Chocolatto aroma and taste:
It seemed difficult to beat the delicious flavor of Gelato, but this marijuana contains a sweet, creamy, and earthy base that reminds us of where it comes from, but the best thing is that it incorporates clear nuances of dark chocolate that we had not perceived in no other genetics. The aroma is quite pronounced from mid-flowering onwards, making it very difficult for them to go unnoticed unless the appropriate means are applied. Chocolatto is a gourmet cannabis that can be consumed perfectly from the moment the weed is dried, but it must be said that with minimal curing the flavor gains consistency.

Chocolatto effect:
It could be said that its effect is generally indica, although it causes a lot of psychoactivity and elevates the mood, but the most notable is the feeling of extreme physical relaxation. We must also highlight its ability to whet the appetite, and if consumed in excess it can cause drowsiness. It is a long-lasting effect that can be best enjoyed at night, or in those moments of escape or disconnection that are so necessary at the moment.

Genetics: Lebanon#3 x Gelato.
Aroma/taste: Earthy chocolate.
Production: Medium High.
Flowering: Indoors from 65 to 70 days, Outdoors in mid-October.

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